Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here. Should you have any further questions, please Contact Us.

What is the minimum yearly foreign exchange flow needed to make it worthwhile using your services? Is there a minimum trade size?
We do not have a minimum flow or trade size but we do have a minimum charge per transaction. We can help you get a better price no matter the amount.

What are the risks inherent to using Fxpertise Risk Management Services compare to those provided by my bank or broker?
There is no additional risk in using our FX services than those of your Bank or broker.

What are the risks with regards to our capital?
There are no risks; your funds remain in custody with your bank until transferred directly to our IIROC member and CIPF protected financial partners.

Are you protected by CDIC?
We do not keep any of our clients' funds as custodians. Our partners are covered under the Canadian Investor's Protection Fund which insures your account for up to $1 million dollars in case of default.

Is Fxpertise Risk Management Services just another foreign exchange broker?
No. In addition to our our clear and transparent pricing, our risk management software and reporting, as well as our advice service, all aim at helping you manage your foreign exchange risks.

Can we still do our foreign exchange business through the Bank we are currently doing our corporate business with?
Yes, we can ask for a price from your bank but our mandate will be to trade at the best available rate in the market.

How do I know that the rate Fxpertise Risk Management Services provide is the best rate I can get?
Contrary to a Bank, we will provide the real quote of the market on execution. To support our claim, we will provide our clients with a screen shot of market rate at the moment of executing the trade.

What are the hidden costs of doing business with Fxpertise Risk Management Services?
There are no hidden costs at Fxpertise Risk Management Services. We offer several pricing models to take advantage of our services, most depending on the level of services required and agreed upon.

How does Fxpertise Risk Management Services generate its revenues?
We generate our revenues through invoicing our risk management services fees to our clients on a prearranged and mutually agreed upon customized pricing model.