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saving you money

Deliverable fx and free direct transfer or international wire paiement combine with extra competitive rates and effective advice to save you money.



Expert knowledge of financial markets, products, and of hedge accounting, combined with extensive risk management experience is at the heart of our advisory service.

More specifically, our advisory services include:

  • Identification of all related currency risks
  • Elaboration and implementation of a risk-response strategy
  • Identification of coverage needs
  • Elaboration or amelioration of hedging policy
  • Monitoring and adjustment of risk-response strategy
  • Frequent updates on economic and financial developments/news


Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to trade directly on the international tier-1 market. This allows us to transact at much lower costs than what is commonly available to corporations. That advantage is gained by either dealing directly on your behalf with banks or with our financial partners, if your bank does not offer rates aligned with real market prices.

Financial Market Updates

We strongly believe that good decisions can only be made based on reliable information. With that in mind, we include in our services frequent and relevant information updates on topics or events that are having an impact on financial products pricing. Because financial markets are all interlinked we also like to update our clients on general market developments. Our one page morning newsletter summarizes overnight activities worldwide as well as economic data/news to be released during the day.

Transaction Management

Another of our strengths is our teams' combined understanding of markets and of the different factors influencing fx rate movements. We follow the evolution of financial markets in order to provide our clients with the best possible timing to take advantage of favorable movements or to protect your bottom line in the case market prices are moving in an unfavorable direction.



We provide transparent pricing on deliverable fx products covering most of the world's currencies:

  • Spot us/cad, most cad crosses, and major currency crosses.


Trading Platform

A fully transparent and cost effective offering with excellent trade execution.


Each client is unique with specific needs. We offer fully customized solutions and pricing structures based on your specific needs.